Dear Students and Parents,

Here we are eight months since the lockdown of the clinic which, for me, was the most difficult thing to do as my Sundays were the best day of my week when I could see all of you and share my knowledge and experiences with you. Each of you are so unique and I just want you to know that I am so proud of where you all had started from and worked hard to achieve before the lockdown.

As for the future, I will remain hopeful and pray for a successful vaccine that will help to make it our lives safe. However, in following the news of Hawaii’s Covid case numbers, it does not look good for sports.

Continue to have faith, study hard whether you are in class or online, keep up with your basketball fundamentals.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may God Bless each of you in the coming year.

Coach Agena


Hope this message finds each and every one of our students,
parents, former students and families doing well and staying
Please be reassured by the fact that I am keeping up-to-date
with the Covid-19 situation and its affect on our daily way of
living as best as I can and I hope that you all are doing the
same. Keep current with the latest information from the
governmental health agencies and continue to take all safety
precautions – especially now that we are seeing the number of
cases on the rise. Don’t be foolish and expose yourselves to
the virus! It is out there and we are still waiting for an effective
and safe vaccine to combat this insidious disease.
Kalakaua Basketball Clinic will continue to remain closed until
further notice and advice from the State of Hawaii, Department
of Education. As I have mentioned to you in past
communications, please keep working on your own and do your
drills as much as you can. You have been on your own since
March and if you have any questions, please email me.
God Bless everyone and let’s pray for our leaders for their
continued perseverance in keeping us safe and ask God to
guide them to do whatever they can to open up our economy in
the safest manner possible.
On behalf of all the volunteers, thank you very much for your
loyalty and patience during these unprecedented times.
Mahalo nui loa,
Coach Agena

UPDATE – June 29, 2020

Hope this update finds you and your family in good health and great spirits, staying safe and taking all precautions! While our state attempts to slowly get back on its feet, we should remain cautious and do all that we can to stay safe and healthy.

For you who still have a job, keep on working hard to keep our economy going and for those who lost their jobs, we hope the economy opens up so you can go back to your old job or for sure, get a new one!

As we hold your child’s health as the most important concern above and beyond playing basketball, we have canceled our travel team plans for this summer. It is just so unfortunate that this pandemic has changed the way we do things and we are sad for the seniors who will miss their last opportunity to showcase themselves. As for the underclassmen, we look forward to you traveling with KALAKAUA next Summer 2021.

The clinic will remain closed until we are advised by the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, that it is safe to proceed. I am sure you can understand the difficulty we face in re-
opening as we would need to rework our drills such as passing the ball and not making physical contact with another student. I suggest that my students continue to work on your ball handling drills on your own. Let me know if you have questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All those who paid for the Spring 2020 clinic will not have to pay for the next session.

We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Coach Agena

May God Bless you all. Keep on taking safety precautions: 1. Wear your mask, 2. Avoid crowds, 3. Sanitize! and 4. Be kind to others.