UPDATE – May 31, 2021

Due to the pandemic of 2020, the clinic, as we know it, will not return. As you may be aware, viruses pose many unknown variables and much would be required to safely come back. As always, your child’s health and safety are our first and foremost priority. In addition, the health of our coaches and staff of volunteers has become an area of great concern.

At our last clinic back in March of 2020, all students paid for the Spring Session for 16 weeks. We were required to shut down on March 8th during the 4th week.

We have two options for you to consider.

  1. Request reimbursement for the remaining weeks, or
  2. Donate the remaining amount to the Foundation.

Please specify your intention on the Kalakaua Clinic Spring 2020 Fee Balance Form.

Despite the end of the weekly clinic and the teaching of basketball skills, the Kalakaua Foundation will continue to operate as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of awarding scholarships to eligible students based on financial need, academic and athletic potential.

Application for these college scholarships will be completed by the student in his/her senior year of high school along with providing grades, recommendations and an essay. (Full details and application forms will be released separately). The Kalakaua Board Members will carefully review each application to determine the recipients of the Kalakaua Foundation Scholarship.

On a personal note, I have been vaccinated and am keeping myself in as best shape as I can. However, due to my various health issues, I will be retiring in the near future. It is with a heavy heart that I face the closing of the clinic. But, please, don’t be sad because it is very possible that I will continue to do short 3-day clinics or demonstrations on Oahu or the Neighbor Islands. With your continued support, it will motivate me to arrange small, short teaching opportunities.

I appreciate your love and support throughout my 55 years of teaching and look forward to seeing you again.

Coach Agena


This is my true experience that I am sharing with you…because I care. Please pass this along to your family and friends so that my experience will help someone.

In 2010, my younger brother passed away from a massive heart attack, two of his arteries were blocked 99%. About a week after, I decided to get checked as well and boy, that was the greatest last gift my brother gave me. It was a wake up call to pay attention to my health by getting a check-up and watching what I was eating.

My treadmill test did not go well and my doctor wanted to do an angioplasty the following week. A nagging feeling of foreboding danger ran through me and I insisted to be tested sooner than later. My brother?

The test was done through my groin and sure enough my doctor detected blockages in one artery of 98% and 80%, which he inserted two stents and in another artery, he found lesser blockages of 40%, which are controlled by medication.

Well, it is now 2021 and just a couple of days ago, I had chest pain, went to ER, where tests could not detect any abnormalities. The following day, I went to follow up with my cardiologist. He reviewed all the ER tests as well as my most recent treadmill results which he reminded me that he had to stop when I became fatigued and could not complete. He scheduled me for an angioplasty in the hopes of verifying that the previously-placed stents were still good and that I would be cleared. You see, although this pandemic has closed the basketball clinic, I have been keeping myself busy by doing volunteer work for my friends and neighbors. Most of the early lockdown months I spent doing demolition, yard work, painting, downsizing and packing up my brother-in-law’s home to prepare his move to the mainland and the sale of the home. I learned to do things that I had never done before as I was always teaching and coaching basketball my whole life. I considered myself pretty healthy because I was in constant motion. I am the type of person who can never sit still and always the energizer bunny. An important indicator lately though was that I have been very fatigued and was taking way more than my share of afternoon naps and going to bed earlier than usual.

So, if you have any chest pain, even though mild, PLEASE don’t hesitate go to the ER or your doctor, as I did, which prevented me from having a heart attack or stroke!

If you take heart medication, I am here to remind you to take it. It will help to prevent damage and experience life. My brother will always be with me.

Mahalo for reading and pass this along. May God bless you.
Coach Agena
February 6, 2021


Dear Students and Parents,

With the New Year, we are hopeful that there will be better news for all of us as far as sports goes. We are still in Tier 2 and with the daily Covid case numbers, we must continue to help to bring these figures down by wearing our PPE, washing our hands, and social distancing as much as possible.

I am always keeping current with the latest news on the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, health and sports concerns and will follow their guidelines for re-opening the Kalakaua Basketball Clinic. As we await the Mayor’s decision on re-opening, we all need to continue to have faith, study hard whether you are attending class in person or online and especially important is to keep your body in good condition by getting in your daily exercise and eating well. Let’s all be prepared for the day when we can meet again on Sunday morning!

May God bless each and every one of you and your family in 2021!

Coach Agena


Dear Students and Parents,

Here we are eight months since the lockdown of the clinic which, for me, was the most difficult thing to do as my Sundays were the best day of my week when I could see all of you and share my knowledge and experiences with you. Each of you are so unique and I just want you to know that I am so proud of where you all had started from and worked hard to achieve before the lockdown.

As for the future, I will remain hopeful and pray for a successful vaccine that will help to make it our lives safe. However, in following the news of Hawaii’s Covid case numbers, it does not look good for sports.

Continue to have faith, study hard whether you are in class or online, keep up with your basketball fundamentals.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may God Bless each of you in the coming year.

Coach Agena


Hope this message finds each and every one of our students,
parents, former students and families doing well and staying
Please be reassured by the fact that I am keeping up-to-date
with the Covid-19 situation and its affect on our daily way of
living as best as I can and I hope that you all are doing the
same. Keep current with the latest information from the
governmental health agencies and continue to take all safety
precautions – especially now that we are seeing the number of
cases on the rise. Don’t be foolish and expose yourselves to
the virus! It is out there and we are still waiting for an effective
and safe vaccine to combat this insidious disease.
Kalakaua Basketball Clinic will continue to remain closed until
further notice and advice from the State of Hawaii, Department
of Education. As I have mentioned to you in past
communications, please keep working on your own and do your
drills as much as you can. You have been on your own since
March and if you have any questions, please email me.
God Bless everyone and let’s pray for our leaders for their
continued perseverance in keeping us safe and ask God to
guide them to do whatever they can to open up our economy in
the safest manner possible.
On behalf of all the volunteers, thank you very much for your
loyalty and patience during these unprecedented times.
Mahalo nui loa,
Coach Agena

UPDATE – June 29, 2020

Hope this update finds you and your family in good health and great spirits, staying safe and taking all precautions! While our state attempts to slowly get back on its feet, we should remain cautious and do all that we can to stay safe and healthy.

For you who still have a job, keep on working hard to keep our economy going and for those who lost their jobs, we hope the economy opens up so you can go back to your old job or for sure, get a new one!

As we hold your child’s health as the most important concern above and beyond playing basketball, we have canceled our travel team plans for this summer. It is just so unfortunate that this pandemic has changed the way we do things and we are sad for the seniors who will miss their last opportunity to showcase themselves. As for the underclassmen, we look forward to you traveling with KALAKAUA next Summer 2021.

The clinic will remain closed until we are advised by the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, that it is safe to proceed. I am sure you can understand the difficulty we face in re-
opening as we would need to rework our drills such as passing the ball and not making physical contact with another student. I suggest that my students continue to work on your ball handling drills on your own. Let me know if you have questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All those who paid for the Spring 2020 clinic will not have to pay for the next session.

We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Coach Agena

May God Bless you all. Keep on taking safety precautions: 1. Wear your mask, 2. Avoid crowds, 3. Sanitize! and 4. Be kind to others.



Aloha everyone!! Hope you all are doing well as we continue to shelter in place to do our individual part in defeating this deadly virus. On behalf of the Kalakaua Foundation, I would like to thank each of you for your commitment and loyalty and send my sincerest best wishes that we may all stay safe and healthy and will be able to see each other one day soon. For those of you who may have a loved one who has been affected by this infection, I send my good wishes for complete recovery.

Please continue to heed the warnings of the CDC and local health department to stay at home and when exposed to others, always practice good hygiene by wearing your masks, washing your hands and social distancing. Because we no longer can shake hands or hug each other, let’s use our WORDS to express our love and appreciation to those who are important to us but not within our daily contact by reaching out with a phone call, text or email message. Now is the time to express ourselves to those who mean so much to us and who have helped us become the best person that we are today.

Students, be sure to start with thanking your parents for all that they do to keep you safe and sound. And, as always, be sure to thank God for being in control and leading us safely through this storm.

Coach Agena

Need a mask?

Please stay safe during this time when we are unsure of the nature of how the virus is transmitted. We all should be extra cautious and protect ourselves as well as the people we come in contact with during our necessary interactions of going grocery shopping or going to the doctor’s office. These masks are sewn by former Kalakaua student, Jade Botelho.
Order yours today!
Thank you so much,
Coach Agena


Dear Students, Parents and Volunteers,

I miss seeing you all and hope that everyone is doing well.  Stay safe, following all of the latest procedures regarding social distancing.

These are different times we face and we all must stay hopeful, loving to our family and friends, grateful for what we have and above all, trusting in our faith to bring us through this crisis.

Much aloha,
Coach Agena

Kalakaua Clinic Update – No Clinic Through April 30.

Dear students and parents,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we observe the standards suggested by our government agencies and state officials.

The latest LOCKDOWN should be taken very seriously and we must keep our social distancing in accordance with recommendations to get through this virus as soon as possible.

Per the Department of Education, schools are closed through April 30.  Therefore, Kalakaua Basketball Clinic will observe the same guidelines.

Please continue to be safe and be healthy.  Be careful and don’t eat too many snacks; watch your weight and exercise every day either by watching videos or just taking a walk to get fresh air and sunshine.

Miss seeing all of you and hope you’re doing well!

Coach Agena