UPDATE – May 31, 2021

Due to the pandemic of 2020, the clinic, as we know it, will not return. As you may be aware, viruses pose many unknown variables and much would be required to safely come back. As always, your child’s health and safety are our first and foremost priority. In addition, the health of our coaches and staff of volunteers has become an area of great concern.

At our last clinic back in March of 2020, all students paid for the Spring Session for 16 weeks. We were required to shut down on March 8th during the 4th week.

We have two options for you to consider.

  1. Request reimbursement for the remaining weeks, or
  2. Donate the remaining amount to the Foundation.

Please specify your intention on the Kalakaua Clinic Spring 2020 Fee Balance Form.

Despite the end of the weekly clinic and the teaching of basketball skills, the Kalakaua Foundation will continue to operate as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of awarding scholarships to eligible students based on financial need, academic and athletic potential.

Application for these college scholarships will be completed by the student in his/her senior year of high school along with providing grades, recommendations and an essay. (Full details and application forms will be released separately). The Kalakaua Board Members will carefully review each application to determine the recipients of the Kalakaua Foundation Scholarship.

On a personal note, I have been vaccinated and am keeping myself in as best shape as I can. However, due to my various health issues, I will be retiring in the near future. It is with a heavy heart that I face the closing of the clinic. But, please, don’t be sad because it is very possible that I will continue to do short 3-day clinics or demonstrations on Oahu or the Neighbor Islands. With your continued support, it will motivate me to arrange small, short teaching opportunities.

I appreciate your love and support throughout my 55 years of teaching and look forward to seeing you again.

Coach Agena