This is my true experience that I am sharing with you…because I care. Please pass this along to your family and friends so that my experience will help someone.

In 2010, my younger brother passed away from a massive heart attack, two of his arteries were blocked 99%. About a week after, I decided to get checked as well and boy, that was the greatest last gift my brother gave me. It was a wake up call to pay attention to my health by getting a check-up and watching what I was eating.

My treadmill test did not go well and my doctor wanted to do an angioplasty the following week. A nagging feeling of foreboding danger ran through me and I insisted to be tested sooner than later. My brother?

The test was done through my groin and sure enough my doctor detected blockages in one artery of 98% and 80%, which he inserted two stents and in another artery, he found lesser blockages of 40%, which are controlled by medication.

Well, it is now 2021 and just a couple of days ago, I had chest pain, went to ER, where tests could not detect any abnormalities. The following day, I went to follow up with my cardiologist. He reviewed all the ER tests as well as my most recent treadmill results which he reminded me that he had to stop when I became fatigued and could not complete. He scheduled me for an angioplasty in the hopes of verifying that the previously-placed stents were still good and that I would be cleared. You see, although this pandemic has closed the basketball clinic, I have been keeping myself busy by doing volunteer work for my friends and neighbors. Most of the early lockdown months I spent doing demolition, yard work, painting, downsizing and packing up my brother-in-law’s home to prepare his move to the mainland and the sale of the home. I learned to do things that I had never done before as I was always teaching and coaching basketball my whole life. I considered myself pretty healthy because I was in constant motion. I am the type of person who can never sit still and always the energizer bunny. An important indicator lately though was that I have been very fatigued and was taking way more than my share of afternoon naps and going to bed earlier than usual.

So, if you have any chest pain, even though mild, PLEASE don’t hesitate go to the ER or your doctor, as I did, which prevented me from having a heart attack or stroke!

If you take heart medication, I am here to remind you to take it. It will help to prevent damage and experience life. My brother will always be with me.

Mahalo for reading and pass this along. May God bless you.
Coach Agena
February 6, 2021