Aloha everyone!! Hope you all are doing well as we continue to shelter in place to do our individual part in defeating this deadly virus. On behalf of the Kalakaua Foundation, I would like to thank each of you for your commitment and loyalty and send my sincerest best wishes that we may all stay safe and healthy and will be able to see each other one day soon. For those of you who may have a loved one who has been affected by this infection, I send my good wishes for complete recovery.

Please continue to heed the warnings of the CDC and local health department to stay at home and when exposed to others, always practice good hygiene by wearing your masks, washing your hands and social distancing. Because we no longer can shake hands or hug each other, let’s use our WORDS to express our love and appreciation to those who are important to us but not within our daily contact by reaching out with a phone call, text or email message. Now is the time to express ourselves to those who mean so much to us and who have helped us become the best person that we are today.

Students, be sure to start with thanking your parents for all that they do to keep you safe and sound. And, as always, be sure to thank God for being in control and leading us safely through this storm.

Coach Agena